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My Blobby Valentine by G-Nibbles
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Desperation of the Doughnut Dhampyr by G-Nibbles
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Oh Shiet! Gargant-Chan by G-Nibbles
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Oh Shiet! Gargant-Chan :icong-nibbles:G-Nibbles 1,487 46
Saber XXXtra by G-Nibbles
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Leaning Towers of Pizza by G-Nibbles
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Big Squigs: Over the Road Tasting by G-Nibbles
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Big Squigs: Over the Road Tasting :icong-nibbles:G-Nibbles 153 25
There Was A Door Here... by G-Nibbles
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Ashiatsu Attack by G-Nibbles
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Saionjelli by G-Nibbles
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Three-way Pileup by G-Nibbles
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Torso Eclipse by G-Nibbles
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Dryad, but Moist by G-Nibbles
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Dryad, but Moist :icong-nibbles:G-Nibbles 100 8
Dessert Survivors by G-Nibbles
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Thiccen Kitten by kawaiidebu Thiccen Kitten :iconkawaiidebu:kawaiidebu 73 7 Fat Pharah Suit-up Fail by Ray-Norr
Mature content
Fat Pharah Suit-up Fail :iconray-norr:Ray-Norr 338 12
Ice scream by miramiraclerun Ice scream :iconmiramiraclerun:miramiraclerun 647 59
A Paladin's Burden (Konosuba WG)
The sun was only just rising on the ever-scenic and relatively peaceful Axel. Birds were tweeting, flowers were rearing their head to face the sunlight, and all was calm. It had almost seemed as if nothing would compromise the sanctity that was currently being held by the humble town - not even the Demon King’s presence. Everything was at peace, and it was almost as if the monsters and creatures of danger beyond the towering walls of Axel ceased to exist. Everything was quiet… Much too quiet.
And it was with one prolonged shriek from the blue-haired goddess that all hope of there being a remaining peace and quiet for the rest of the day was shattered. It was almost as if the world stood still, the pure soundwaves of the loudmouth girl having a stunning effect on the world around her. Stood over her accomplices’ sleeping accommodation, the goddess was less than impressed with the aforementioned Kazuma’s reaction - or therefore lac
:iconseppuku-senpai:seppuku-senpai 21 5
Sketch Comms 9 / 20 / 2017 - HOLO by Cakehoarder Sketch Comms 9 / 20 / 2017 - HOLO :iconcakehoarder:Cakehoarder 120 1 The Gravity of Her Situation by StoicZS
Mature content
The Gravity of Her Situation :iconstoiczs:StoicZS 119 29
Hefty Heiress Haru by The-Kappass Hefty Heiress Haru :iconthe-kappass:The-Kappass 365 12 -Spd Summer Corrin by ITAOHS
Mature content
-Spd Summer Corrin :iconitaohs:ITAOHS 55 3
World's Greatest Magic Trick (Danganronpa WG)
“Hmm…”  Himiko Yumeno, the scarlet haired mage, flicked her wand against the rim of a top hat perched on an end table in her room.  The petite girl crossed her arms, staring intently at the hat before her, before easing up and letting out an exasperated sigh.  
“Mweh…. Nothing seems to work.  There’s gotta be somethin’ I can do, but…” Himiko began yawning loudly, throwing her palm over her mouth to stifle it.  “....I’m not sure how WORTH it this is….”  Frowning, Himiko pulled the brim of her hat down her head.  She began pacing around her room, wracking her brain for ideas.  Himiko was currently working on her newest magical feat, one that would truly impress her peers.  
“Uggggggh, but how am I supposed to pull this off!?” Himiko shrieked, plopping down onto the floor in pure frustration.  Just then, an ear-shattering noise rang through her ears a
:iconseppuku-senpai:seppuku-senpai 27 14
Wakfu Ecaflip by DEDOArts by Jyles-Jin Wakfu Ecaflip by DEDOArts :iconjyles-jin:Jyles-Jin 95 15
Mature content
Make Her Pop! (Blueberry, exploding) :iconweeb-lord:weeb-lord 84 17
[SEMI-COLLAB] All Scientists Are Nerds by Currents
Mature content
[SEMI-COLLAB] All Scientists Are Nerds :iconcurrents:Currents 100 1
The Huge by Acid-Snake
Mature content
The Huge :iconacid-snake:Acid-Snake 44 4
Food Colosseum Winner by Acid-Snake
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Food Colosseum Winner :iconacid-snake:Acid-Snake 48 0
Benefactor ~ Part5 340lbs by DestructiveOrgy
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Benefactor ~ Part5 340lbs :icondestructiveorgy:DestructiveOrgy 247 12
Fat Raikou by Acid-Snake
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Fat Raikou :iconacid-snake:Acid-Snake 56 7


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Scrawl Hugemeats
United Kingdom
Reminder I've also got a couple tumblrs with some stuff that doesn't/can't go up here for reasons:

Normal Fatty Stuff:

Alternative (Read:Weird) Fatty Stuff (Mostly Slob):
Hey all.

So saying it's been a while is a bit of an understatement, and I don't want to load on too much of my life story in here so I'll try and cut it short and sweet. The beginning of the year dropped a heck of a bombshell on me and my personal life, and that really put the brakes on my time and energy for a lot of the things I really enjoy, blubber included. Luckily, things are all back on the road again in large part thanks to the support of my friends, y'all know who you are. It's also been a prop up to know a fair few of you were looking forward to seeing stuff from me again, so hopefully you'll find that patience rewarded! Time to dust out the gallery.

I've got a lot of catching up to do all over, but I'll be getting back on top of stuff soon enough. Here's to a new, productive and hopeful new year- all the best to you guys too.



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